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Pike on a Pop-Up?!

Last week, myself and Mark, another keen carp angler at Dovetail Games, did a 36 hour session at a venue...

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DTG Fishing Review!

This is our regular update as to what is going on in DTG Fishing at the moment. As i’m sure...

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A Guide to Spodding

Dovetail Games Fishing features the ability to spod free bait out into the lake to try and attract fish to...

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me at Baden (3)

A short day session

At last! I’ve found some fish! After recently joining the team as a consultant at Stoke-on-Trent Go-Outdoors, I’ve been popping...

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One Midsummer Morning

Our Finnish carp ace, Henrik, looks back at how the 2014 season started for him… I started my Finnish carp...

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